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Create Your Own Candle With Us In New York

Couple Creating Their Own Candle With Us

Nowadays, there is a huge craze among the younger generation to pursue innovative hobbies and that is why a lot of millennials are interested in pursuing candle making, which is considered a creative passion. However, candle making requires a lot of focus and guidance from experts for successfully churning out candles.

Cities like New York are especially famous for candle making as there are a lot of professionals who offer classes and here in this article, we will discuss the intricacies involved in candle making to help you find the right class for your experience.

Choose High-Quality Wax

The wax is one of the most important ingredients in candle making and you need to use high-quality wax for crafting your candles. Besides that, there are different types of wax available and you can choose from soy, beeswax, paraffin, and palm wax depending on the amount of time you would like your candle to burn.

In addition, the type of wax you are choosing for your candle making process also hugely influences the scent coming from your candle when you burn it. If you are the kind of person who loves clean burning candles then you must opt for soy wax for your candle making session.

However, if you are focusing on the scent of your candle then you should go for beeswax which is famous for emitting a honey-like scent while burning. Now, when you are aware of the properties of wax then you can make candles for specific purposes like relaxation, aromatherapy, or for increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Select a Strong Wick

Most of the time it is seen in all the excitement of making candles people often forget to pay any attention to the wicks they are using. Well, wicks are one of the most crucial materials which can either make or break your entire candle making process.

The wick will determine the burning process of your candle and that is why you need to use strong wicks that can provide a steady flame. There are instances of wicks falling down and people unknowingly also opt for small wicks and all of this can spoil your entire effort.

Among the various types of wicks available the cotton wick is very popular among the masses as they are considered very reliable in comparison to other wicks. In addition to that, if you want to lend a unique touch to your candles and make them the center of attention in your room then you should opt for wooden wicks.

The wooden wicks are a visual treat for the eyes and their speciality is that they emit a crackling sound when they burn. In addition to that, you should also pay attention to the size of the wick you are using in your candles because for the proper burning of your candle, you need to guard against tunneling and excessive smoke.

Selecting Fragrance Oil

The scent you are going to use in your candle can set the entire mood of the room and that is why you should pay proper attention to the oils you are opting for in your candle making process. Besides that, you must also exercise patience and caution when adding scented oils to your wax.

Often the majority of people commit mistakes in this stage of candle making process because they either add too much oil or too little oil to their wax. This adversely affects the entire candle making process because if you are adding a very small amount of scented oil then it won’t be noticeable, however, if you add excessive oil then it is going to affect the burn quality of your candle.

That is why adding the correct amount of scented oil during your candle making process is very important so that you can use you can put to use the result of your efforts.

Pouring & Curing

The pouring of wax into the container is a tricky job and requires your undivided attention because the temperature at which you pour the wax into the container is going to affect the appearance and quality of your candle. The wax needs to be just at the right temperature when you pour it & your instructor in the candle making process is going to help you with it.

In addition to that, the curing process of your candle is also very important because until the candles are settled properly they won’t burn or give out fragrance at their full potential. Thus, you need to leave them undisturbed for some time so that there are no disappointments at the end of the process.

Attend Candle Making Session At Wick & Pour

If you are someone who is interested in Beautiful Hand Made Candle learning the art of candle making and happen to be in New York, then don’t hesitate any further to approach us at Wick & Pour. We are pioneer when it comes to making candles and hold out various candle making sessions throughout the week.

You can visit us or contact us to get your reservations done and we guarantee you that you will learn the intricacies of candle making with ease with us.

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