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Becoming a Master of Scents: Join Us In New York City

Becoming a Master of Scents

How do you feel when you walk into a room and immediately smell fresh-baked cookies or the comforting scent of pine trees? That’s the magic of scents—they can take you places, remind you of good times, or change how you’re feeling. In making candles, the smell of the candle isn’t just a nice extra; it’s the heart of the candle. A really good smell can make a room feel different, change your mood, or make your space feel like it’s uniquely yours. That’s why we’ll focus a lot on creating special, unforgettable smells in this blog.

Learning About Smell Layers

Think of a fragrance like a cake with several layers. The top layer is what you smell first, but it doesn’t stick around for long. This is like the lemon zest smell that hits you when you first peel a lemon. The middle layer is the cake’s main part, the heart of the smell, like the deep, rich scent of the forest that you notice after the initial freshness fades away.

The bottom layer is the scent that stays with you the longest, like the warm, comforting smell of vanilla that lingers in the kitchen long after you’ve finished baking cookies. Learning about these layers helps you mix smells so they tell a story from the first sniff to the last.

Experiment with Natural and Synthetic Fragrances

Now, imagine you have a big box of crayons. Some are from natural sources, like flowers or trees, and others are made in a lab. The natural smells bring a touch of the real world into your candles, making them feel genuine and rich. The lab-made smells are super consistent and can mimic anything from your favorite food to a summer day at the beach. By mixing these two types of smells, you can get really creative and make candles that smell like anything you can imagine.

Choosing Your Wax Wisely

The wax in your candle is like the canvas for a painter. Different waxes work differently with smells. Soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin wax are like different types of paper for an artist. Some make the colors (or smells, in your case) pop more, and others help the smell spread better throughout the room. Picking the right wax lets you make sure your candle smells great from the moment you light it until it burns out.

The Art of Mixing Smells

Creating your signature scent is like mixing paints to get the perfect color. You start with an idea of what you want it to feel like—maybe you want your candle to remind you of a day at the beach or a cozy winter night. You mix different smells together, like blending colors, until you get it just right. This part is all about experimenting and having fun with different combinations.

Testing and Refinement

Finding the perfect scent for your candles is a bit like baking the perfect cake; it usually takes a few tries. You’ll mix your smells, make a candle, and see how it burns. Sometimes it won’t be quite right, but that’s okay. Each attempt teaches you something new, and with a bit of patience and lots of tries, you’ll create a candle that smells exactly how you want it to.

This adventure in scent-making is all about exploring, learning, and having fun with it. Each step takes you closer to making candles that not only smell amazing but also tell a story and evoke feelings, making the spaces we live in feel more like home.

Join Us at Wick & Pour in New York To Learn Candle Making!

Here at Wick & Pour, we think everyone who Lady Mixing Two Scents For Candle Making makes candles can become amazing at mixing up new, unforgettable smells. Our workshops and all the stuff we offer are here to help you learn everything from the basics about how smells work to how to mix fragrances like a pro. In your candle-making journey, we’ll ensure to push you to try new things and think outside the box. And we’re with you every step of the way, from the moment you get that first spark of an idea to when you make your very own candle masterpiece.

We’re based in the heart of New York City. So, light up that creative spark, play around with different smells, and let your candles show off your one-of-a-kind scents. Book a candle-making class now.

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Indulge your senses in our hands on candle-making workshop! Unleash your inner artist as you create your signature scent, use vibrant colors, and textures to craft candles that are uniquely yours. Gather your friends, bring a date or even a family night out to our studio, for a memorable candle-making experience in NYC. Book the original candle-making class in New York City today!